The American International Institute of Polygraph (AIIP) Director Chuck Slupski and APA Editor Mark Handler created an online physiology refresher course for American Polygraph Association (APA) members. Since we consider this an APA member benefit, we placed the course and links under the Resources drop down tab.  Each module is video-based and is approximately 20-30 minutes long and/or has a PowerPoint presentation to download.  Each has a downloadable study guide and quiz.  The content is housed in the APA's DropBox account and the links are accessing the content from there.  That means you will have to register for a DropBox account to be able to watch the entire videos.  The website to download DropBox for free is:


Prerequisites: This is currently intended as a physiology primer for those interested in PDD.  This may include prospective students, current students and experienced examiners.


Course Description: The AIIP course Anatomy and Physiology for the PDD practitioner explores the human body systems related to PDD testing. An emphasis is placed on physiological mechanisms and changes that can be measured via the polygraph.  The interrelatedness of such systems as the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and circulatory are discussed with an emphasis on PDD measurements.  This course is recommended for those pursuing a career in forensic PDD testing and those desiring a refresher course in these areas.  This course requires access to the internet and a computer and you may have to use Quick Time Player or another media player to watch the MP4 formatted videos.


The developers of this materials do not have any relevant commercial interest in the materials and information presented. Information, data, views, and opinions expressed in these materials are those of the authors and AIIP and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policy of the APA.  The APA does not assume any liability for errors or omissions or for damages resulting from the use of information, data, views or opinion contained in or expressed herein.


Course Outline

Introductory Module and Instructions

A. Nervous System

1. Introduction to the nervous system

2. Nerve cell anatomy

3. Glia

4. CNS

5. PNS

6. Ion channels

7. Membrane Potentials

8. Action potentials

9. Neuron communications

10. Additional ion channel discussion

11. Synaptic transmission

12. Synaptic potential & cellular integration


B. Cardiovascular System

1. Heart anatomy

2. Cardiac conduction system

3. Cardiac cycle

4. Cardiac output

5. Blood vessel structure & function

6. Blood pressure

7. Factors affecting blood pressure

8. Blood pressure regulation


C. Respiratory System

1. Description of the respiratory system

2. Pulmonary ventilation

3. Gas exchange

4. Control of respiration


D. Integumentary System

1. Functions of the integumentary system

2. Structure and function of skin, (layers and accessory organs)

3. Sweat glands


Please note this was originally designed to be given to incoming polygraph students, and as such, there will be references to taking a final exam.  We have done our best to ensure the information is up to date, though we make no promises.  Any contradictions between what we present and what your school physiology instructor presented should be resolved with your instructor.  This content is provided as a guide only and we make no express or implied warranty over the content (though we do feel it is correct.)


You may also find the APA's Physiology Manual for PDD Lifelong Learners of Science by Professor Reicherter and Mark Handler helpful.  

Click HERE to download a copy of that in English.


We hope you find this helpful,

Chuck & Mark


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